If you are likely to experience hardship as a result of losing a day's pay by

striking, you can apply to the Haringey NEU Hardship Fund.  This money has been donated by generous members and through fund raising events, such as the Comedy Nights and social evenings.

How to apply

  • Email a photo or scan of the payslip from the month before the strike and the month after, which will show how much you have been deducted, to the secure email address ayla.mustafa@neu.org.uk
  • In the email, describe how this has caused you hardship.

What happens next?

A sub committee of the local association meets and makes a decision on who will be given money and how much, depending on the number of applications, the circumstances of the members and the amount of money in the fund.  Members will be notified by email.  Applicants may not receive the full amount they have lost.

Supporting your colleagues
If you were unable to strike, but support what your colleagues have done, you may wish to contribute to the fund.  We suggest a day's pay, but anything you can give is gratefully received. Please see below for ways to donate. Thank you.


Any donations towards our Hardship Fund to help colleagues who are in financial difficulty will be very much appreciated. If you wish to make a donation you can send a cheque made payable to:  NEU Haringey District

Write your name and 'Hardship Fund Donation' on the back and send your cheque to:

Pat McCulloch (Treasurer),

45 Princes Avenue, Wood Green, London N22 7SB

Alternatively you can pay your donation straight in to the Haringey NEU bank account:

Bank:  Unity Trust

Account name:  NEU Haringey District

Account number:  20403551

Sort code:  60-83-01

Thank You


The NEU Hardship Fund has been established to provide financial assistance to members facing financial difficulties as a result of the Covid-19 crisis.

The NEU Hardship Fund is separate from the NEU Trust Fund, the charity which provides grants to members.

Please visit neu-hardship-fund  for further details and an application form.


The NEU Trust Fund Ltd is a charitable fund formed to give confidential support and financial assistance. It is there to assist members in times of illness or hardship.

The Trust Fund can provide assistance to current and former members of the NEU and its legacy organisations and their dependents.

The Trust Fund has assisted members by providing grants towards:

  • general living expenses arising through illness, loss of employment and relationship breakdowns
  • funeral expenses
  • costs of journeys to hospital
  • short holiday breaks for recovery or recuperation
  • clothing grants for members and dependents
  • respite care
  • wheel chairs, chair lifts and stair lifts

Please visit neu-trust-fund  for further details and an application form.


Please tick the box on your NEU application or renewal form to donate to the Trust Fund to help us to support members in need.

You can confirm your donation here, thank you.